Snoots PMS adapts to every type of facility

We strive to be transparent

A clear and simple price list to get you started in the best possible way.

Data migration and operational support

The Snoots team offers you a period of dedicated training remotely or in-person before and after the launch of Snoots PMS in your facility. We understand that change is not easy, and that’s why we will always be by your side to make the transition to Snoots PMS as simple and quick as possible.

Monthly subscription

The monthly fee is based on the number of users accessing Snoots PMS and the integrations requested. The Snoots team guides you step by step in choosing the ideal version for you and in selecting the integrations most suited to meet the needs of your facility.

Snoots PMS: available in 3 versions starting from €39 per month


Ideal for outpatient clinics and freelance veterinarians.


Ideal for clinics and businesses with big ambitions.


Ideal for multi-site clinics.





Activity scheduling

Facility calendar

Automatic reminders

Online appointments

Check-in and acceptance


Client/patient card


Medical area

SOAP visit sheet

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging integration


Veterinary prescription

Treatment plans

Billing and payment


Pricing list

Active billing

Sales templates



Team management

Create and manage new users

Roles and permissions

Production reports


Notes on appointments, activities, events, and records

Push notification

Internal team chat

Team organization

To-do list

Graphic editor- templates

Passwordless access

Focus on patient and client

Patient and client tags

Custom discounts

Wellness plans


Stock and purchase orders

Automatic movement

Stock alerts


Integrations(external laboratories, accounting, supplier orders, payments…)

Reports (finances, medical history, appointments, clients, etc..)

Multi-location (patients access, cases and appointments in other locations)

Changing doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you have the right ally by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry! Contact us or make an appointment for a dedicated DEMO by filling out the form below, so our team can help you clarify your ideas.

Of course! At Snoots, we know how changing the management system can be a daunting choice for a veterinary facility; that’s why immediately after the dedicated DEMO, we will provide you with the opportunity to try Snoots PMS for free and without obligation for 1 month.

Since every veterinary facility is different, our support team will create a customized transition plan to Snoots PMS to ensure we meet your needs and offer you the best possible experience. The Snoots technical team has already successfully performed migrations from every type of management system on the market, which is why we can assure you that with us, you can rest easy. We offer complete data migration of patient and client records, animal species, breeds, clinical files, products, and services, allowing you to start smoothly.

Configuration and data migration take at most one week. It’s also important to note that during this initial phase, the clinic can continue to operate without interruptions. Once the transition to Snoots PMS is complete, our team will be ready to offer tailored training to the entire facility team.

Snoots PMS is updated weekly to always offer you improvements and new features. We value your opinions and requests. Moreover, there’s no need to manually update the management system or worry about downtime: being a cloud software, all updates are instantaneous!

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