One software, infinite possibilities

Switch to Snoots PMS, the next-gen management software to skyrocket your clinic.

Ensure an optimal experience for your clients before, during, and after the medical visit


Manage your facility with flexibility, wherever you are and from any device

Gain a clear and organized view of appointments using color codes and filters by veterinarian. This will allow you to eliminate clutter in the calendar and manage tasks more efficiently.

Send appointment reminders via email or WhatsApp to your clients and allow them to easily communicate any cancellations directly from the notification. Automatically receive reminders within the management system and stay organized and informed of every change.

Check scheduled activities at a glance, manage your personal reminders, and assign tasks to your colleagues quickly and easily.

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Manage the patient check-in process smoothly and intuitively

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Drastically reduce waiting times with Snoots PMS’s flowboard and always keep the clinic’s situation at hand.

Simplify the registration of your clients with Snoots. The registration process is quick and intuitive, helping you save time to dedicate to your patients.

Sign documents quickly and smoothly directly through Snoots. With electronic signature integration, manage documents efficiently and say goodbye to paper.

Medical visit

Optimize efficiency with smart management of medical visits

Simplify clinical documentation with customizable template models. Fill in clinical records with accuracy and efficiency, adapting them to your work method.

Keep an accurate record of patient information in the clinical diary. Easily access the history of activities and diagnoses for a more comprehensive and informative management.

Track the progress of patients and follow-up activities efficiently and organized.

Simplify the management of hospitalized patients and ensure high-quality care with specific features.

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All the features you need in one software

Manage your team effortlessly

Software clinica veterinaria, Snoots PMS consente di ottimizzare la gestione del tuo team

Help the team be more productive with real-time statistics for each veterinarian.

Assign specific roles to each user in the management system to control access to information according to your directives and ensure data security.

Streamline workflow

Software clinica veterinaria, scopri Snoots PMS il gestionale in cloud di ultima generazione pensato per semplificare le attività quotidiane

Keep an eye on the workflow and the path of patients in your facility and thus reduce waiting time.

Add and assign new tasks to internal and external collaborators and improve the service offered to your clients.

Share information

Snoots PMS è il software per le cliniche veterinarie,programma in cloud completo e affidabile

Improve your team’s internal communication with collaborative tasks, notes, and private chat.

Label your clients and patients intuitively to simplify internal communication and personalize the service offered.

Customize Snoots PMS

Software per cliniche veterinarie,schede cliniche personalizzabili adattabili al proprio modo di lavorare

Use the graphic designer to customize medical records according to your needs. Attach images, reports in any format.

Add documents effortlessly to best enhance your business.

Manage every area of the clinic

Funzionalità Snoots PMS,il software per cliniche veterinarie che offre integrazione con analizzatori di laboratorio e diagnostica

Integration with laboratory analyzers of any brand and model. Receive and compare results in the patient card.

Digitalize the workflow of images with Rocket. Send requests to modalities, receive and store diagnostic images, collaborate with the best specialists, digitally deliver reports to your clients.

Make informed decisions

Semplifica le attività quotidiane con Snoots PMS, il migliore software per le cliniche veterinarie: crm,fatturazione,statistiche tutto in unop

Monitor revenue by revenue center and team component. Check receipts by channel. Optimize your business’s cash flows.

Monitor the progress of your business with the most significant and internationally recognized performance indicators.

Reduce revenue erosion

Funzionalità Snoots PMS, il software in cloud di ultima generazione. Fatturazione, pagamenti e molto altro tutto in unico software

Conclude the visit and in a few clicks issue and collect your invoices.

Encourage your team to account for all patient activities simply and immediately.

Make your clinic sustainable

Software per cliniche veterinarie in cloud, crm, gestione cartelle cliniche,fatturazione,pagamenti e diario clinico. Consegna le schede cliniche ai clienti tramite mail in pochi semplici click

Send clinical reports and documents via email and WhatsApp to make your clinic paperless

Use digital signing to reduce paper archives and improve compliance.

Improve focus on your patients

Software per ambulatori veterinari: scopri Snoots PMS in cloud, crm, fatturazione e gestione schede cliente e paziente

Find essential information of your patients divided by thematic areas within the patient record, for more effective and personalized care.

Find essential information and the most recent activities for an unparalleled level of service.

Software in cloud per le cliniche veterinarie, programma in cloud Snoots, gestione ottimale scheda del paziente

A unique management system for all your needs

Discover the features of Snoots PMS and save time by digitalizing your structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snoots’ cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud service provider equipped with the latest technologies, compliant with the strictest global cybersecurity standards, and data protection regulations.

No, Snoots PMS is a cloud solution that doesn’t require the installation of specific drivers/software. If you can access an internet browser, then you can also use Snoots PMS. It’s possible to access Snoots PMS simultaneously from a mobile phone, tablet, or any laptop/desktop computer with internet access.

After conducting a personalized DEMO through which we better understand the specific needs of your clinic, we will provide you with a tailor-made quote. Once you receive the economic offer, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a month of free trial.

Since every veterinary facility is different, our support team will create a customized transition plan to Snoots PMS to ensure we meet your needs and offer you the best possible experience. This includes:

  • Complete data migration of patient and client records, animal species, breeds, clinical files, products, and services.

  • Training for the entire team. Training is included in the migration and configuration fee of Snoots PMS.

  • Comprehensive assistance available on multiple telephone lines to always be at your disposal.

Snoots PMS is updated weekly to always offer you improvements and new features. We value your opinions and requests. Moreover, there’s no need to manually update the software or worry about downtime: being a cloud software, all updates are instantaneous!

With Snoots PMS, you can simplify the administrative management of your veterinary facility. Sending invoices directly to the health card is easier than ever. Save precious time and simplify the process of sending data to the health card, so you can dedicate more time to your patients.

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