Rocket V3

Take your facility's diagnostic imaging management to the next level with Snoots' cloud-based veterinary RIS-PACS.

Digitalize the management of diagnostic images

From the creation of the request to the delivery of the study

Make workflow easier by sending requests directly to modalities with Rocket’s intelligent worklist management. Minimize manual steps and maximize efficiency in the processing of diagnostic images, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of processes.

Safeguard and organize your diagnostic files with Rocket’s structured archiving. Automatically store X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and audio and video files in a secure and accessible environment. Ensure that each clinical data is methodically catalogued and readily available when you need it, supporting informed and faster clinical decisions.

Eliminate the need for physical media with Rocket’s digital sharing. Send studies and reports to your clients quickly and securely, reducing the ecological impact of your practice.

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Remote reporting

Accurate diagnoses and regulatory compliance always at hand

Discover the freedom of instant access and reporting wherever you are. With Rocket, your diagnostic images and patient data are always at hand, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in diagnosis management, even when you are away from the clinic.

Elevate the quality of your diagnoses with the collaboration of external specialists. Rocket simplifies the secure sharing of diagnostic studies, enabling you to assign reporting with a click and quickly receive detailed and accurate results directly in the software.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from data protection and regulatory compliance. With Rocket’s cloud, your diagnostic images are stored securely and accessible when you need them, simplifying defensive medicine and ensuring the integrity of clinical data.

View archived images

Anywhere you are and from any device

Rocket’s DICOM Viewer not only offers a superior viewing experience with advanced features such as zoom, paired viewing, animations, and grayscale level adjustment but also ensures that every detail of your diagnostic images is sharp and precise. Make your diagnoses more accurate and based on clear and detailed data thanks to an intuitive interface accessible directly from your device.

Compile reports accurately

Guaranteed precision in every report with intuitive and guided tools.

With Rocket, your reporting in emergencies is supported by automatic field completion and real-time saving, allowing you to pick up where you left off, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind when you need it most.

Embrace the freedom to customize your reports according to clinical needs with Rocket. Customizable report templates allow you to fill in clinical records more swiftly, ensuring you can invest more time in caring for your patients with attention and dedication.

Rocket enables you to attach videos and documents directly to reports, ensuring accurate and comprehensive diagnostic communication. Ensure that every relevant detail is always at hand and take your veterinary practice to the next level.

Maximize your clinic's productivity, offer an excellent service, and take advantage of Industry 4.0 benefits through our partnership with Innova Finance




Compatibility with DICOM devices of all brands

Worklist management

Lossless image compression

DICOM WEB image viewer

View images on local DICOM viewers (Horos, OsiriX, etc.)

Diagnostic request flow management

Acquisition of indices from DICOM studies

Ability to add images/videos/documents to studies

Advanced search of archived studies by multiple criteria

Patient and client management

Storage space management

Internal messaging

Customisation of processes and messages

Study reporting (in-house)

OTA updates

API for third-party application integration

Remote study reporting

Digital delivery of study reports

Corporate policy

Say goodbye to the stress of image archive management and the anxiety of losing important data

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