Increase productivity

and dedicate more time to your patients with Snoots PMS

The cloud software with all the features you need


Manage your clinic flexibly, from any location and device

Forget the issues in managing appointments. Snoots PMS’s integrated calendar ensures a smooth workflow and perfect team coordination.

Maximize your facility’s efficiency and minimize waiting times with our flowboard: access information in real-time and monitor the situation in the clinic at any moment.

Offer an excellent service to your clients with Snoots PMS: send appointment reminders and enhance your clinic’s efficiency.

Keep the entire team always up-to-date by sending internal reminders about tasks to be completed.

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Specialist services

Meet specific needs and provide complete specialist support

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Send test requests directly from the management system and receive results quickly within the patient’s clinical diary. Focus entirely on caring for your patients with Snoots PMS.

Enhance your workflow and reduce manual steps with Snoots: send test requests, receive and store diagnostic images, all within the management system. An integrated system for faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Payments and check-out

Automate invoice management and revenue

With Snoots PMS, every service is automatically recorded in the patient’s account, preventing omissions and manual errors. To optimize time with accurate and timely registration of every intervention.

Creating personalized estimates has never been so quick and easy. Use Snoots PMS’s customizable templates or tailor estimates to your needs with just a few clicks, focusing more on your patients and less on bureaucracy.

Snoots PMS makes the transition from visit registration to billing fast and intuitive. Send invoices to clients via email, monitor all issued invoices, and send bulk invoices to the reference provider, simplifying the entire billing process and reducing error margins.

Snoots PMS facilitates the sending of invoices to the health card system, allowing you to receive outcomes directly on the platform. This way, you can reduce waiting times and improve efficiency thanks to full control over communications with the healthcare system.

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Analysis and statistics

Analyze data and trends for optimal management and informed decisions

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Monitor your revenue in real-time with detailed statistics for each revenue center. Examine your veterinary clinic’s performance clearly and directly, always keeping a pulse on the financial situation.

Manage collections with maximum precision, always keeping control of received payments and those pending. With Snoots, make the entire financial process leaner, more accurate, and tailored to your needs.

Snoots PMS accurately assesses the productivity and allocation of your staff, allowing you to identify improvement areas and stimulate your business’s growth. Our detailed reports provide a complete picture of your clinic’s operational efficiency.

Leverage historical data to design the future of your clinic and enhance its success. In-depth analysis allows you to make accurate forecasts and develop effective strategies for achieving set goals.

Security and compliance

Easily and securely meet regulations

Work with peace of mind thanks to maximum security in the cloud. Snoots PMS is hosted on Amazon Web Services servers, ensuring data security and business continuity.

Your data’s security is our responsibility. With Snoots PMS, information protection is guaranteed, thanks to compliance with privacy regulations and high standards to safeguard your clinic’s and clients’ data.

No longer fear data loss. With Snoots PMS, you can focus on caring for your patients without worrying about losing data thanks to automatic backups.

Rest easy. Snoots PMS ensures continuity and stability, allowing you to manage your veterinary clinic smoothly and without interruptions, with the assurance of an always-available service.

Your data's security is our priority, which is why we use Amazon Web Services servers, the top global cloud service providers

Access your management system from any device

With Snoots PMS, you can monitor your facility’s activities at any time, wherever you are.

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