Snoots PMS

The veterinary software that speeds up workflow grows your facility you'll wish you had sooner

Why choose Snoots PMS?

The veterinary management system you wish you had sooner

Snoots PMS is the cloud-based veterinary management system that offers you an advanced user experience and cutting-edge functionality, ensuring complete control over the operations of your facility, no matter its size.

Accessible from anywhere and from any device

With Snoots PMS, you can have your clinic at your fingertips wherever you are and access it from any device, at any time. Manage multiple tasks simultaneously, optimizing time and productivity without interruptions in your workflow.

Fast, secure, and reliable.
100% compliant with regulations

Snoots PMS is hosted on AWS servers, the world’s leading cloud services provider. It adheres to the strictest cybersecurity standards and data protection regulations (ISO27001, GDPR, SOC2).

One software, infinite possibilities

The cloud-based veterinary management system that meets the needs of every veterinary facility, large or small.

Velocizza il flusso di lavoro

Gestisci in maniera efficiente ogni area della clinica e dedica più tempo a ciò che realmente importa: la cura dei tuoi pazienti.

Fidelizza i tuoi clienti

Offri ai tuoi pazienti un’esperienza ottimale prima e durante la visita medica. Fidelizza i tuoi clienti con servizi digitali di ultima generazione.

Personalizza il gestionale

Lascia che il software si adatti al te e non il contrario, dai un’impronta unica e inconfondibile alla tua attività.

Tieni sotto controllo la clinica

Invia le richieste alle macchine e ricevi i referti direttamente all’interno del diario clinico del paziente  – intuitivo e diretto!

Metti la sicurezza al primo posto

Con Snoots PMS potrai dire addio a preoccupazioni legate alla sicurezza e perdita dei dati. Grazie al backup automatico dei dati.

Preparati per il futuro

Snoots PMS è in continua evoluzione. Grazie ad aggiornamenti periodici, avrai sempre tra le mani un gestionale di ultima generazione

Speed up workflow

Efficiently manage every area of the clinic and dedicate more time to what really matters: caring for your patients.

Keep the clinic under control

Send requests to machines and receive reports directly within the patient's clinical diary - intuitive and straightforward!

Retain your customers

Provide your patients with an optimal experience before and during the medical visit. Retain your customers with cutting-edge digital services.

Put safety first

With Snoots PMS, you can say goodbye to concerns about security and data loss, thanks to automatic data backup.

Widely customizable

Let the software adapt to you, not the other way around, giving your business a unique and unmistakable identity.

Prepare for the future

Snoots PMS is continuously evolving. Thanks to periodic updates, you will always have a state-of-the-art management system in your hands.

They already trust us

start without stress

Changing veterinary management systems can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be!

Thanks to the Snoots method, you can switch to Snoots PMS from any management system with ease and in a timely manner.

Smooth migration

Change without worry: we support you at every stage of the migration to Snoots PMS, no matter your current management system. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition without interrupting clinic operations.

Tailored training and support

We help you get the most out of your new veterinary management system, remotely and on-site. Every implementation and training phase is covered, ensuring a smooth and personalized learning experience tailored to your operational needs.

Dedicated support

Complete assistance, online and on-site: Snoots experts support you at all times, both virtually from afar and directly in your facility. For every need, an expert is always available to help you make the most of all Snoots functionalities.

Boost your business with Snoots PMS

Snoots PMS adapts to any type of facility

Starting at €25 per month





Activity scheduling

Facility calendar

Automatic reminders

Online appointments

Check-in and acceptance


Client/patient card


Medical area

SOAP visit sheet

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging integration


Veterinary prescription

Treatment plans

Billing and payment


Pricing list

Active billing

Sales templates



Team management

Create and manage new users

Roles and permissions

Production reports


Notes on appointments, activities, events, and records

Push notification

Internal team chat

Team organization

To-do list

Graphic editor- templates

Passwordless access

Focus on patient and client

Patient and client tags

Custom discounts

Wellness plans


Stock and purchase orders

Automatic movement

Stock alerts


Integrations(external laboratories, accounting, supplier orders, payments…)

Reports (finances, medical history, appointments, clients, etc..)

Multi-location (patients access, cases and appointments in other locations)

Manage every area of your clinic with Snoots' cloud software:

Transition to the digital clinic

Choosing Snoots for your profession means not only updating your veterinary management system but also making a leap into the future of the digital clinic, where every area works with perfectly integrated processes. Dedicate more time and attention to your patients and manage every area of your clinic from a single point, from appointments to reporting to billing for services.

Transform your facility into a model of efficiency and offer the best to your clients and patients with Snoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snoots’ cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world’s most important cloud service provider equipped with the latest technologies, compliant with the strictest global cybersecurity standards, and data protection regulations.

No, Snoots PMS is a cloud solution that does not require the installation of specific drivers/software. If you can access an internet browser, you can use Snoots PMS. You can access Snoots PMS simultaneously from a mobile phone, tablet, or any laptop/desktop computer with internet access.

After conducting a personalized DEMO through which we better understand the specific needs of your clinic, we will provide you with a tailor-made quote. Once you receive the economic offer, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a month of free trial.

Since every veterinary facility is different, our support team will create a customized Snoots PMS transition plan to ensure we meet your needs and offer you the best possible experience. This includes:

  • Complete data migration of patient and client records, animal species, breeds, clinical files, products, and services.

  • Training for the entire team. Training is included in the Snoots PMS migration and configuration fee.

  • Comprehensive assistance available on multiple telephone lines to always be at your disposal.

Snoots PMS is updated weekly to always offer you improvements and new features. We care about your opinions and requests. Moreover, there’s no need to manually update the software or worry about downtime: being a cloud software, all updates are instantaneous!

If you are using a non-cloud-based management system, you are missing out on many opportunities! With Snoots PMS, your veterinary facility will have the opportunity to exponentially grow your business and allow you to offer your clients the best experience before, during, and after the medical visit. All this without data loss and with tailored training.

Snoots PMS ti aiuta a velocizzare il flusso di lavoro, permettendoti così di semplificare e automatizzare tutte le attività che ti portano via tempo ed energie: come la gestione e compilazione dei report clinici, la gestione degli ordini di lavoro, le fatture e molto altro ancora.Snoots PMS non solo ti permette di avere più tempo da dedicare ai tuoi pazienti e alla tua vita privata ma ti permette inoltre di fidelizzare i tuoi clienti e di conseguenza far crescere la tua clinica!

Our Snoots PMS clients appreciate:

  • The customization and flexibility of the platform. We at Snoots firmly believe that the management system should adapt to the veterinarian’s needs, not the other way around. We offer different versions based on your needs. Whether your operation is a small practice, a clinic, or a corporate entity, you can grow it faster with Snoots PMS.
  • Our management system is complete with every feature. You’ll have a partner by your side for every need.
  • We offer assistance and support via WhatsApp, phone, email, and video call. Whatever your preferred means of communication, we are here for you!

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