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Frequently Asked Questions

Snoots’ cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud service provider equipped with the latest technologies, compliant with the strictest global cybersecurity standards, and data protection regulations.

No, Snoots PMS is a cloud solution that doesn’t require the installation of specific drivers/software. If you can access an internet browser, then you can also use Snoots PMS. It’s possible to access Snoots PMS simultaneously from a mobile phone, tablet, or any laptop/desktop computer with internet access.

After conducting a personalized DEMO through which we better understand the specific needs of your clinic, we will provide you with a tailor-made quote. Once you receive the economic offer, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a month of free trial.

Since every veterinary facility is different, our support team will create a customized transition plan to Snoots PMS to ensure we meet your needs and offer you the best possible experience. This includes:

  • Complete data migration of patient and client records, animal species, breeds, clinical files, products, and services.

  • Training for the entire team. Training is included in the migration and configuration fee of Snoots PMS.

  • Comprehensive assistance available on multiple telephone lines to always be at your disposal.

Snoots PMS is updated weekly to always offer you improvements and new features. We value your opinions and requests. Moreover, there’s no need to manually update the software or worry about downtime: being a cloud software, all updates are instantaneous!

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