Improve the management of your freelance veterinary business with Snoots PMS

The cloud-based management system designed for veterinarians on the go


Optimize your workdays

Busy workdays? With our integrated calendar, planning becomes simple and enjoyable. Add, edit, and view your appointments in an instant and welcome stress-free organization.

Snoots’ internal notifications keep you always informed, ensuring nothing escapes your attention and keeping you perfectly in sync with the clinics you collaborate with.

Snoots’ intuitive dashboard gives you an immediate overview of all the tasks assigned to you and allows you to assign tasks to colleagues. View all your daily tasks clearly and organized.

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Interact with your clients quickly and effectively

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Send documents, clinical records, invoices, and much more to your clients directly. Eliminate waits and errors and keep your veterinary practice always a step ahead, ensuring your clients are always up to date.

Forget oversights and improve efficiency with Snoots’ customized reminders. Set alerts and notifications with appointment details and send them to your clients to avoid errors and forgetfulness.

Efficient archiving

Visit and keep clinical folders in a convenient and intuitive way

Adapt the clinical records to your specific needs, ensuring precision and detail in every record. A flexible method that perfectly reflects your needs, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every interaction.

Keep a detailed record of each visit and patient follow-up, bringing all the information into one place. No more endless searches: every detail is immediately at hand, making your service faster and more efficient.

Use our templates to speed up your documentary processes. Choose from the ready-to-use templates the type of document you need and save precious time

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Payment and check-out

Automate billing and revenue management

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With Snoots PMS, every intervention is directly added to the patient’s account, avoiding forgetfulness and manual errors. Simplify your way of working and ensure that every service is recorded accurately and immediately, without wasting time.

Create and send electronic invoices in a few clicks with Snoots PMS. Our veterinary management system makes bulk billing simple and fast, allowing you to spend more time with your patients and less on administrative tasks.

Regardless of the billing method chosen, Snoots PMS is by your side. Enter the tax code and generate both an electronic invoice and a health invoice at the same time. A versatile solution that adapts to every administrative need.

Managing a business, caring for patients, and effectively interacting with clients is not easy.
Especially when you're on the move

Snoots is the perfect veterinary management system for freelance veterinarians always on the move

Ready to find out how?

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