The simple and innovative system for acquiring and managing veterinary radiological images to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work

From computerized radiography to digital radiography

With ARIA you will have high-quality radiological images for even more accurate diagnoses

For superior image quality and more accurate diagnoses. The ideal choice for equines, small animals, and dental imaging.

Integrate indirect digital radiology systems with existing equipment and thus gradually update the clinic with more versatile and compact tools without ever compromising on quality.

Over 1000 image optimization algorithms to always ensure the maximum quality and resolution regardless of the patient.

Increase productivity by easily completing initial measurements, analysis, and considerations directly from the ARIA system. Significantly reduce process-related times and obtain quicker and more efficient results thanks to integrated measurements.

Improve the efficiency of your facility and create reports directly within the ARIA system, thereby reducing the time associated with processes.

The new integrated solution for unprecedented imaging

The ARIA450 Digital generator is the first radiological with a fully integrated flat panel created for the Veterinary medicine

With 17’’x17’’ inches sensitive area the THALES Flat Panel detector connected to the generator allows you to perform complex studies in an automated way, reducing the learning curve and maximizing image quality from the first use.

The ARIA software acts as a single console for managing the entire device, allowing dose selection and image acquisition in just 5 seconds.

Through the proprietary DMC – Dose Management Control – platform, it is possible to select the thickness of the anatomical part to be analyzed, allowing the software to send the correct parameters to use to the generator. Additionally, a convenient front touch screen allows for the adjustment of the dose on the fly, communicating any changes made to the computer. Radiology has never been this simple.

ARIA devices worldwide

Over 1,500 installations already carried out

The Snoots software equips ARIA devices, thus offering cutting-edge image quality and unparalleled ease of use

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The first software created exclusively for animal health professionals

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