Snoots PMS

The integrated veterinary management system for multi-site operations

Snoots PMS simplifies the workflow and centralizes the management of all your clinics

A single software for all your locations

Analysis and statistics

Make informed decisions

Unify and access data from all clinics immediately. Thanks to Snoots PMS, centralized management allows you to have a clear and timely overview of every facility.

Improve resource distribution and ensure maximum staff efficiency in each clinic. With Snoots PMS’s advanced features, you’ll always be up to date with operational needs.

Keep control of the finances of all clinics with intuitive tools. Analyze income, expenses, and forecasts with Snoots PMS’s budget functionality to ensure sustainable growth.

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Digital clinic

Manage every area of your veterinary facilities

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Accurately monitor waiting room times, efficiently manage patient check-ins and check-outs, and ensure a smooth and organized workflow with always up-to-date and easily accessible information for your veterinary team.

Easily send test requests directly to laboratory machines and receive results quickly within the management system, eliminating the need for manual entries and reducing the margin of error for fast and effective laboratory data management.

Snoots PMS’s diagnostic integration allows you to send test requests, receive and store images and data directly within the management system, improving the workflow and ensuring that information is always available and organized to best support your clinical decisions.


Update and manage clients efficiently

Keep your clients up-to-date on their appointments by using Snoots to send notifications via email and WhatsApp. Optimize communication and say goodbye to forgetfulness and errors with timely reminders.

Ensure consistent vaccination coverage by sending automatic vaccination reminder recalls to your clients with Snoots PMS. Put patient health first and facilitate scheduling visits.

Snoots PMS helps you effectively administer your patients’ health plans, offering personalized care pathways and constantly monitoring the status of each guest at your clinic.

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Payments and check-out

Automate invoice management and revenue

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Simplify daily operations with the automatic addition of services on Snoots. Ensure accurate and timely tracking of all interventions, avoiding errors and forgetfulness, and guaranteeing precise and efficient billing for your veterinary clinic.

With Snoots, electronic billing becomes easy and intuitive. Easily transition from accounts to digital invoices, sending them directly to your clients via email. Our system helps you maintain organization and accuracy in billing processes, making administrative management of your clinic easier.

Snoots allows you to send and receive data directly from the health card system, ensuring efficient and compliant management, simplifying procedures and waiting times for your clients and veterinary team.

Snoots PMS facilitates your growth, allowing you to administer your clinics with less effort and greater effectiveness.

Snoots software is designed to operate in synergy, ensuring optimal integration for advanced and coordinated management, but is also available separately to suit your specific needs.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Rocket® is Snoots’ cloud-based diagnostic imaging management software (RIS/PACS). It enables the digitalization of imaging processes from request to digital delivery of the report.


Snoots equips ARIA radiology, providing cutting-edge software that allows high-quality image acquisition for more accurate and timely diagnoses.


ViLMA is Snoots’ cloud-based veterinary laboratory management system, designed to allow a unique diagnostic process. Share analyses with report writers near and far for unparalleled efficiency.

Monitor your clinics and make informed decisions

Gain complete control over your clinics' data and make the right decisions with Snoots PMS.

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