The cloud-based software for veterinary laboratory analysis that optimizes your time

Schermata inserimento richiesta analisi di laboratorio

360-degree functionality

Optimize every aspect of your laboratory with a comprehensive catalogue of integrated tools, designed to make every action you take more effective and efficient.

Convenient and intuitive interface

Navigate with ease through an accessible interface, designed to simplify every click, bringing efficiency and intuitiveness to the center of your user experience.

Cloud-based laboratory management

Automate processes, safeguard data, and boost your operational efficiency, all in a cutting-edge digital solution dedicated to veterinary care.

With ViLMA®, upload data and images directly to the cloud. Access everything you need wherever you are, ensuring maximum mobility and efficiency.

With just the ViLMA® credentials, your clients can submit analysis requests and monitor progress in real-time, making communication smooth and immediate.

On ViLMA®, reporting is unified. For all analyses and report writers, near and far, for unprecedented efficiency in communication and analysis.

With ViLMA®, you have all the space you want, so you can keep data and images of analyses for as long as necessary without worrying about running out of available space.

ViLMA® is the veterinary laboratory analysis management software that adapts to facilities of every size




Configuration of analyses/exams/tests

Support for unidirectional machines

Examination profile management

Worklist management for analyzers

Pre-configured report package

Abnormal value signaling

Quality controls

Remote machine control

Integration with PMS via API

Support for bidirectional machines

Multi-site support

Self-care portal for external laboratory clients

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Is your veterinary laboratory a Babel?

No worries, ViLMA® communicates with all your machines

Over 50 analyzers already integrated

Say goodbye to the stress of laboratory management

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